Executive Business Attorneys is a Tanzanian based law firm teamed
with attorneys rooted from wide knowledge and expertise on law
practice in Tanzania. Each individual member has the most accurate
mindset and determination which is a great virtue in achieving the
best for our clients.
We offer professional and high quality legal and administrative
services. Our service delivery model pays due attention to timely
services delivery while ensuring value for money and return of
investment. We dedicate ourselves in ensuring total fulfillment of
our motto, that is “Exceeding Clients’ Expectations”.
We focus in managing our clients, either in winning a critical
lawsuit, closing a key business deal, consulting to minimize tax
liability, or just giving critical legal advice to avoid costly disputes;
we ensure clients’ satisfaction through periodic reporting, unfettered
availability, and quality control. We interact with our clients,
understand their legal requirements, and only then we do provide
legal advice.
We offer comprehensive legal and corporate services basing on legal
expertise and clients need with a view of ensuring clients’
satisfaction. Executive Business Attorneys is armed with extensive
experience of its professionals, coupled with a reasonably large
number of young, energetic, skilled and committed lawyers, this
guarantees unrivaled services that stand above the rest in terms of
quality and professionalism.

Executive Business Attorneys is a highly specialized firm owing its prestige and success to provision
of first class legal services to our esteemed retained and Ad hoc clients.
Our objectives hinges on ensuring clients’ satisfaction by offering timely and reliable services
professionally and with integrity. These attributes are the hallmark of Executive Business
Attorneys growing tradition and they remain our core values that define who we are and how we
go about doing our business.
We believe our customers are the reason for our existence; we therefore are driven by the
relentless desire to retain them by providing second to none, professional and personalized
We protect our clients against possible litigations by advising them on the best practices in the
management of their business affairs. This can be evident with the relevant experience each team
member has.
We also provide informed legal advice and mechanisms that will help our clients minimize, control
and entirely eliminate exposure to legal challenges by conducting due diligence
We take pride in handling our clients’ legal affairs while allowing them to focus on the key
aspects of expanding their business and returns on their investments.